book coverThe Legend of Chadega
and the Weeping Tree

By Francis Eugene Wood
Illustrated by Christopher Mason
ISBN: 0-9657047-1-8



"In The Legend of Chadega and The Weeping Tree, Francis Wood weaves the same sort of magic that made his The Wooden Bell an exceptional story. Francis Wood is an outstanding writer and gifted story teller."

Billy C. Clark, author, whose works include A Long Row to How and Song of The River; founder and editor of Virginia Writing Magazine


"Though far removed in every way from the setting of this story, I found myself easily transported back to that time and place. I only had to allow Francis Wood's storytelling skill and my imagination to join forces to take me there. The Legend of Chadega and The Weeping Tree is enjoyable and thought-provoking at the same time as it speaks to us of an elusive ideal--true harmony and connectedness between man and the living world around him. Colorful imagery and human emotion breathe life into this story."

Eldridge Bagley, artist, author of Son of The Soil, Soul of An Artist


"Francis Wood has done it again. The Legend of Chadega and The Weeping Tree is a wonderful tale of child-like adventure combined with an adult message our so-called modern world needs to hear and respect. I will never again look at a tree in quite the same way."

Larry Davies, author of Sowing Seeds of Faith in a World Gone Bonkers!


Marge Swayne of The Farmville (Virginia) Herald, 1997, writes:

"Legends like that of Chadega and The Weeping Tree are fading from our culture, but with storytellers like Francis Wood, they will not be forgotten."


Christie Hales writes in The South Hill Enterprise, 1997:

"The Legend of Chadega and The Weeping Tree encourages the preservation of the forests and animals. It lends itself to children, but the impact is universal."


Mildred Atkins writes in The Farmville (Virginia) Herald, 1997:

"It is a superb story and I urge everyone to get a copy and have your children read it or you read it to them."


About the story:

A Native American boy adopts the language of the trees and the animals and promises to be their voice to men. Chadega, which means "he who protects," saves the women and children of his tribe and leads them away from their enemies through the arms of his friends, the trees. The boy grows to become chief of the Tree People. He dedicates his life to the purpose of instilling respect for the forests and animals among the Native Americans. A respect which, sadly, did not find its way through to the Europeans who came later. The story of Chadega and the Weeping Tree is a wonderful tale the whole family can enjoy.


Note from the author:

"I have long been a fan of the ideals and spiritual concepts of the true Americans. This coupled with a love and respect for nature resulted in my writing The Legend of Chadega and The Weeping Tree. I hope readers will see this story as good family entertainment with a universal message."


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